Wednesday, November 10, 2010

G-Dragon G-Market MV and 2 CFs out

Finaly,~~~been long waiting a long time,when many member by BIG BANG wants COMEBACK...~~^ ^...~~ and FINALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! G-DRAGON is the leader by BIG BANG have a made MV Music Video *G-MARKET* and *CF*.....the Full Version Music Video and Two Different Types ^______^.

Hey Good Morning^^

Seungri.gif sleepy Seung ri image by emilyminmin

Hey hehe~~~^^ anyway GOOD MORNING everyone^^...hey and GOOD MORNING baby Tory(Seung Ri)..OMG~~~ baby Tory Woke up!!!!!!!!! Woke Up!!!!! you have go to bath now..Atin want to prepare breakfast foy you LOL~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[PHOTOS] 101006 U-Kiss @ 'Break Time' Album Photoshoot

[NEWS] 101109 U-Kiss celebrates 800th day anniversary with snacks from fans

Male group U-Kiss recently hit their 800th day anniversary since their 2008 debut with “New Generation.”

On November 5th, fans celebrated the occasion by delivering personally-prepared sandwiches and snacks to U-Kiss’ waiting room at KBS’s “Music Bank” studio.

Soohyun remarked, “It’s hard to believe that it has already been 800 days. It would’ve been nice if we had done better, so it’s a bit upsetting. However, I’m more apologetic to our fans. We haven’t done anything for them and they continually give us so much love. I’m thankful, but also sorry.

U-Kiss responded to their fans’ love by personally passing out drinks and Peperos (chocolate pocky sticks) during November 7th’s recording of SBS’s “Inkigayo.”

Currently, the group is busy promoting their latest single, “Shut Up!” Members Kevin and Dongho are also making their acting debuts through “On Air Live” and “Villian & Widow” respectively.


Male kumpulan U-Kiss baru-baru ini terkena hari ulang tahun 800 mereka sejak tahun 2008 debut mereka dengan "New Generation."

Pada 5 November, peminat merayakan kesempatan tersebut dengan memberikan sandwich peribadi-siap dan makanan ringan untuk U-ruangan Kiss 'tunggu di KBS's studio "Music Bank".

Soohyun berkomentar, "Sulit untuk percaya bahawa itu sudah 800 hari. Itu pasti sudah baik jika kita telah melakukan yang lebih baik, jadi ini sedikit mengganggu. Namun, aku lebih menyesal untuk fans kami. Kami tidak melakukan apapun untuk mereka dan mereka terus-menerus memberi kita begitu banyak cinta. Aku bersyukur, tetapi juga maaf. "

U-Kiss menanggapi cinta fans mereka secara peribadi membahagi-bahagikan minuman dan Peperos (bopeng coklat batang) selama rakaman 7 November tentang SBS's "Inkigayo."

Pada masa ini, kumpulan ini sibuk mempromosikan single terbaru mereka, "Shut Up!" Ahli Kevin dan Dongho juga membuat debut mereka bertindak melalui "On Air Live" dan "penjahat & Janda" masing-masing.

Selamat, U-Kiss!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Numero Tokyo's Staff member blogs about Big Bang [NEWS]

On October 30th, after the business vacation activity of FUKUYA BOOKS in Ginza, I went to the sales anniversary fan handshake meeting of BIGBANG’s first official photo book 「ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR 2010」, though this is the last handshake meeting at FUKUYA BOOKS in Ginza, 2000 tickets were all sold out in only 2 hours. Tickets were also sold at a high price at an auction. This event shows such great popularity.

From the moment BIGBANG came to Japan, they had many shooting works every day, but I never saw the tired look on their faces. They always do their interviews so seriously. But during shooting, we were surprised to see their innocent smiles instead of serious faces while working.

During the photoshoot, T.O.P and D-LITE did many poses before camera.
Here’s one of the shot.

Though these five guys are so popular at solo activities, I think they are more powerful to be together as BIGBANG than as individuals. I like their song, “Let Me Hear Your Voice”. Please listen to it.

Why Japan is Excited About Big Bang

Idol Group Bigbang is leading the new Korean wave in Japan. Bigbang's successes are more noticeable since this group did not try to assimilate themselves to the prevalent trend in Japan, but came to this point with its unique style and skills.

On November 3, Bigbang performed a great stage at the 'Seoul Tokyo Music Festival'. This festival was co-hosted by SBS and TBS to celebrate SBS' 20th anniversary and groups such as Kara, 4minute, FT Island etc. participated in this festival.

There were about 16,000 Japanese fans at the festival, and the audience, who were mostly in their teens or in their twenties, gave all the Korean singers fervent responses.

One of the staffs mentioned, "The 'Seoul Tokyo Music Festival' was almost like Bigbang's concert." and really acknowledged Bigbang's popularity, since the majority of the audience were Bigbang fans. Most of the singers sang two or three songs, whereas Bigbang, this day, performed five songs.


Bigbang has received a lot of awards in Japan also. Bigbang received a rookie award in Japan, when they didn't receive one in Korea; in the 'MTV World Stage Music Video Awards Japan' on May 29, Bigbang received three awards. These eminent awards ceremonies in Japan acknowledge Bigbang's popularity by giving Bigbang the awards.

One of the staff persons who was in charge of promoting Bigbang mentioned, "We've been promoting Bigbang not as a 'Korean wave' star, but as an artist. Thus, we really focused on Bigbang performing the best the members could. We've only been able to do a week or so of promotions for the albums in Japan, but we've always been surprised by the wild responses the Japanese fans give us."

Big Bang's clothes to be auctioned for charity [NEWS]

Lotte Duty Free Shop has launched an online "Sharing Auction" event which includes stuff donated by Lotte DFS endorsers, BIGBANG, Rain and Ji Sung. BIGBANG's donation includes jackets, shirts and bow ties. Proceeds from the event, which will run from November 4 to 28, will be donated to charity.

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