Monday, November 7, 2011


Atin bangge dengan kejayaan BIG BANG hihi...
wow...tadi belek2 la allBIG BANG punye day...
atin terbace..and and and~ BIG BANG menang dlm MTV EMA???
OMG ...sepatutnye atin happy sambil senyum??
tapi atin happy sambil menjerit huhu ~_~
ahhh malunye...nasib baik jerit 2 jiran2 x perasan *anak sape yg menjerit ni?? HUHU


Big BAng~ you guys deserve this!!!! They have worked so damn hard and it's about time they been recognized for it and all the VIP's in the world would support them no matter what ^^

Translation of GD's speech:
“We are called Big Bang from South Korea, nice to meet you all.
And because this award is something that our fans have given us,
it has a lot more meaningful and it gives us more joy.
I would like to thank our fans, V.I.P, once again.
And through this opportunity, I hope we can attract more love
and interest to Korean music and Big Bang as well.”

BIGBANG's got it!! BIGBANG won for the MTV EMA 2011 WORLDWIDE ACT!!
Thank you all for the support from all around the world!!
BIGBANG couldn't have made it without all you VIPs support!!
BIGBANG rocks the world now! all the way!!


Nurul Atiqah said...

congrats BB :)
wahh dorg 1st artis korea yg menang
MTV EMA..proud of them ^_^
smlm unnie ade tgk EMA ni, tp x sempat tgk part BB menang tu -.-'

Atin Tory said...

@Nurul Atiqahehh semlm?? unnie tgk kat channel mn?? ahh maybe channel 2 atin xde kut hihi.. ^_~

Nurul Atiqah said...

yup..chnl MTV..hehe :)
atin takde ke chnl tu?

Atin Tory said...

@Nurul Atiqahahh mmg pun..atin x bli channel 2 huhu XD