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BIGBANG Listen All album ALIVE

Hai .. Hari ni VIP dah sediakan lagu oudio untuk korang . Harap korang terhiburlah dengan lagu untuk album BIG BANG - ALIVE ni ^^

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Billy Player Stlye Tumblr


huhu , ade budak facebook Atin ni , die singgah blog Atin tadi . Mase die die tgh selongkah blog Atin jab , die tanye Atin " eh? tadi aq g blog ko tibe2 ade keluar lagu ? mane datangnye lagu tu ? " //haha tu la pasal , Atin pun ckp la yg bende tu ade kat blog cume bende tu sgt kecik dan comel2  >_< . Yela , kan blog lain ade yang gune utube an? then yg mp3 punye ari tu atin gune lagi comel kan ? And now ? yang ni memang lagi comel , sampaikan blogwalking ade yg tak perasan sebab bendenye kecik >_< . 

Sekarang , nampak an,  kecik an ? huhu

So ~ alang - alang yang nak tu meh la Atin ajar korang . Bw ni lagi special . Nak tau kenapa special ? tengok dulu caranya . Jom ^^

Bw , Atin galakkan korang Sign Up . Pasal kalau korang punye mp3 nak tukar ke ape , nanti senang . Tak payah nak susahkan korang upload balik , kan buang mase je an ? huhu

1. Sign Up kat website INI > Click Upload Files > Cari mana2 lagu yg nak di upload > Open 

Click tumbesaran

2.  Dah abis upload , nanti keluar macam bawah ni , korang Copy code nye

Click tumbesaran

3. Pergi ke website INI pula > Paste code > Outo Play > Generate Code

Click tumbesaran 

4.  Copy Generate Code > Open Blog > Dashboard > Paste Code 

Click tumbesaran


P/s : Kalau korang nak banyak lagu , korang upload la lagu lagi dan masukkan ikut cara tadi . Paling banyak pun sampai 5 lagu je >_<

credit by : nana

Free Wallpaper Lotte Duty March 2012




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Tutorial Edit Image Stlye Tumblr


Haaaa~ cuaca hari ni walaupun hujan , tapi badan rasa panas je huhu . 

Ok la , hari ni atin nak bagi tip/tuto untuk photoshop ni . Sebab ade la dongsaeng ckp , asal byk pic korea ni nampak TERANG menderang je . Maksutnye macam tak kabur la , atau pun xde cacat celer //sory klo x phm >_< . Kalau x paham tu , Korang cube perhatikan photo kat atas ni . Perhatikan betul - batul . Ade perbezaan kan ? //klo x prasan tu mmg mata awk tu kabur LOL  . Ade sesetengah orang guna PC Action kalau nak bagi gambar tu jelas/ terang . Atin nak ajar korang guna PC Action la ni . 

1. Korang download Pc Action dulu kat SINI . Nanti keluar banyak jenis an ? Korang pilih je mana - mane yang korang nak . Kalau rasa jenis action tu bagus korang CLICK ., nanti link website tu akan keluar . Macam bawah ni , 

CLICK untuk tumbesaran 

2. Dah download , korang pegi open Photoshop . Dan tekan 
File > Open > Pilih image yang korang nak edit tu 

Dah ? ok sekarang kita mula pulak buat . Atin guna CS4 tau . So sapa - sapa yang guna CS4 , korang ikut Atin buat ni. 

3. Korang lihat atas sekali , korang nampak errow bawah ? Korang CLICK dan tukarkan kepada Automation

CLICK untuk tumbesaran

4.  Lepas tukar tu , korang ikut gambar kat bawah ni dan CLICK

CLICK untuk tumbesaran

5. Dah click , nanti klua banyak jenis an ? Korang pilih > Load Actions > Pilih PC Action di download tadi 

CLICK untuk tumbesaran

CLICK untuk tumbesaran

6. Lepas Action yang korang pilih/load tadi tu ,Then nnti  dia keluar macam bawah ni  , dan Click

CLICK untuk tumbesaran 

Dah bertukarkan ? dah berubahkan ? ^_^

Kalau agak - agak korang punye photo tu nak lagi terangkan/cerahkan lagi  , korang adjust la . Macam bawah ni , 

CLICK untuk tumbesaran

See ? nampak kan perbezaan nya?
Siap dahh >_<

P/s : Yang ni untuk cara CS4 . Tak tau la yang selain cs4 tu sama atau lain  . So~ sapa - sapa yang guna selain cs4 , Korang boleh tengok cara CS5 yang  Nana punya . >_<

Credit by : Nana


Thursday, February 23, 2012

BLUE BLUE Blue !!!

Sorry hari ni xde tips lagi ye , harap bersabar ye . Pasal Atin nak post untuk VIP dulu ><

Yesss finaly~~~~~~
BIG BANG dah keluar MV BLUE >_< wow Ni yang VIP crazy2 dah ni hahaha //kidding je . Ahh sape yang belum lagi dapat tengok MV JOm tengoh bawah ni 

OK ?? macam mane ? 

Atin dah taruk photo dorang dah , Nak tengok ? Meh la like photo dorang kat SINI

Ok . Yang ni pulak sape yang nak mp3 punye ?? Atin tau kalau korang cari kat 4 shared mesti blum ade lagi an? Xpe2 korang jangan risau pasal Atin dh pun downlod mp3 dorang . Bukan setakat mp3 , tapi sekali dengan ringtone nye >_< .. Meh Atin bagi korang . Sian pulak an sape yang belum downlod tu



Ringtone Blue - CLICK SINI

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Big Bang on Healing Camp (video only)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

p/s: sorry . xde subnye >_< .. ala ~ alang2 korang x paham , tengok je sudah la HIHI ..Cume yang Part 1 , ade subs dah .. Pegi kat SINI

Big Bang on Healing Camp


"Axis of Evil... this is the end... everything is scary"

Hosts at YG Building. GD and Dae greet them at the entrance.

MC: Heard you two would be very worried before coming out here

GD/Dae: Yes, of course.. we were very afraid.

(News clips of Daesung and GD's issues)

GD: It was all our fault. We are to blame.

Dae: Everyone knows me as someone who smiles a lot, but I worried that I might never be able to again.

GD: There are issues that were brought to us due to our own mistakes and faults, so we wanted to come out to explain ourselves.

MC: Let's be detailed here. How did things exactly go?

Dae: I was on my way to my parents' in YangHwaDae and the car in front of stopped and I was trying to hit the breaks.

Dae: I hit the breaks, but the car stopped after it hit something.. and it just wouldn't go any further.

Dae: I asked the taxi driver if he was alright, but he said "I am not the you should be worrying about"

Dae: The taxi driver told me that the man lost a lot of blood.

Dae: I spent all night in the police station, but the taxi driver stayed by my side all throughout. I just.. didn't think that kind of thing could happen in my life. I was just... so sorry. Sorry.

Dae: I stayed until 8 or 9AM getting questioned and cameras were everywhere.

Dae: I wasn't sure what to think then. I felt sorry for everything and all I could say was sorry to his family.

Dae: YG asked me if I wanted to go home and be with my parents, but I was so sorry to be with them. couldn't even look at my parents after the incident.. I couldn't dare seeing them. I felt so sorry.

Dae: Yes, I read the internet afterwards and the comments.. I am usually not affected by comments, but I was really hurt this time. Murderer... It was a very cruel word.

MC: What comment hurt you the most?

Dae: I know that I shouldn't do it, but... I thought it was what everyone wanted... me disappearing..

GD: I was awakened by Seungri that night of Daesung's accident.. I had a feeling exactly that something was bad.

GD: The first article I read was "DAESUNG DEAD" and I was in complete shock.

GD: Daesung is the type to blame himself for everything. He wouldn't even open the door for me or even look into our eyes. It was really hurtful.

Dae: I couldn't go outside. People might think that I'm a murderer.. I was afraid.

Dae: The family of the victim definitely got angry with me, but they came around. 

Dae: It took about 3 months of investigation and I was just completely honest through the whole thing.

Dae: Being claimed as innocent for the case doesn't even make me happy nor sad. 

Dae: My parents and members were the biggest strength for me.

Dae: It's only normal that the victim's family were angry at me. But his aunt and uncle were kind afterwards.

Dae: I'm very thankful that they were so understanding for me even though they should be mad.

Dae: I'm going to try my best, even brighter and stronger than before, so please look out for me.

Dae: No, I don't drive again. I don't have the courage to do so yet. 

Dae: Even if my comeback looks bad and bitter comments are made, I will accept it and still try my best.

GD: Yes, this is my first time speaking about my drug incident.

GD: I was first contacted in late June about rumors that I was using drugs. I complied to a drug test and it was going smoothly in the beginning, but... It is something I will never go back to again.

GD: It was after the concert. It was a party that many people attended and I accepted a cigarette from someone I didn't know. I was kind of intoxicated a lot at the time and being in the mood of a party, I accepted the cigarette. It was mindless.

GD: It is true that a celeb needs to be aware of strangers more, but I am the type who is very mindless. I do remember asking myself that the cigarette was kind of strange, a bit stronger.

GD: The cigarette looked a lot like the cigarette I frequently smoke

MC Kim Jaedong: So you're not lying?

GD: Yes, I am sure. Lying would not have made the cut for this if I was. Yes, it's very likely that people would think I paid my way out of it, but that is not true.

GD: It was reported late. I had the test in July but it was only reported (to the public) in October. I took the test in July, got the result in August.

GD: I am aware that this is something I must repent with emotionally. I wanted to apologize and.. I think I need to apologize even more, even after this show.

GD: From my own stance, I did want to repent longer.. and I thought I would never have the strength to comeback. 

GD: Instead of avoiding the whole thing, I think approaching it this way is better. I totally understand that people think I don't care about any of this, but it's all part of me.

MC: Have you read any comments? Which hurt you the most? 

GD: "I knew he did drugs.. he's the worst in BB" and there was also.. "you are the axis of devil in Big Bang"

GD: Seungri cried so much. He isn't that type to cry, but he endlessly cried.

GD: I am not the only leader, but my parents are also very leader-like. You know. My parents acted like nothing happened when I first saw them after the accident.

GD: I am very thankful for my parents... what I did was something even family shouldn't support, but..

GD: I was eating dinner with my family silently and realized that "oh, this is what family dinner really is..

GD: Ever since I was 6, I never really had time to spend with my family... schedules were busy hahaha

MC: What did you do when you were six?

Dae: I went.. to school HAHA

GD: I would love to make an OST for a movie haha


(The 3 members cooking for them)

Taeyang: I've never cooked for the members so..

T.O.P: The first food is doenjang soup. The taste, I myself was surprised.

GD: *sips* You really made this? This is really good.

Dae: You did?

(Seungri cooking meat)

GD: He only does that on TV

Seungri: These taste good because the recipes are from the country-side.

T.O.P: The recipe Seungri is talking about is from his grandmother *joking"

GD/Dae: All this food.

T.O.P: We brought pork skin.

Taeyang: We didn't have much money when we were just trainees so eating pork skin was cheap and very delicious for us. Eating it again feels very nostalgic.

MC: Why did you cry so much?

Seungri: I really loved GD hyung. I wanted to be like him so I was disappointed too. So I got drunk.. When I saw him, I just held onto him and cried.

Taeyang: Honestly, I was kind of pissed watching Seungri cry with Jiyong. He was talking too long *joking*

T.O.P: Taeyang came to me and he looked very mad. I asked why and he said, "Seungri is crying so exaggeratedly LOL"

Taeyang: We knew we would run into harsh obstacles, but I think these incidents helped made us stronger.

T.O.P: It was so hard looking at our fans' expressions when only a couple of us were able to stand on stage.

Taeyang: We were able to get nominated for the MTV EMA award, so that gave us hope to get back together and redeem ourselves.

Seungri: Jiyong & Youngbae hyung made an amazing English speech at MTV EMA. We were told not to use Korean but GD was too happy so he went on.

GD: The first thing I thought of winning the EMA was Korea, so I ended up making the speech in Korean, but it came out w/an accent LOL

GD: Um, hi Britney. We won the award and I am sorry, but if we meet next time, let's eat together^^

MC: The member who's most kind to girls?

*Everyone pointed GD, GD pointed Seungri"

MC: G-Dragon has the scent of a player 

Seungri: LOL

T.O.P: This laughter means "but I'm the player.."

Seungri: I want to be very honest, GD & TOP hyung always send me texts asking me where I am..!!!

GD: We are worried you'll make trouble!

GD: I thought Seungri had a lot of relatives around the world, very international, but.... LOL

Who got the best looking/improved from pre-debut days?

*Everyone points to Daesung, Taeyang points to himself"

Taeyang: I was surprised when they told me I was going to be an idol... but I wasn't good looking enough.

Seungri: TOP's nickname used to be TURTLE because he was always in hip hop clothes and just looked like a turtle.

Seungri: TOP was a hip-hop boy, earphones, hip hop caps, *GD & Seungri at the same time* and a BIG BAG on his back!

Seungri: To be honest, the visuals of our group is. TOP hyung and me.... aside from talent, we're the best looking

Seungri: I am always only a cameo-actor! Top hyung gets a whole bunch of main roles, but I only get a bunch of cameo!

GD: The sexiest member when wearing v-neck shirts and see-through shirts is Daesung, for his body.

Seungri: At the airport immigration, they forced Daesung to take off his shirt, so he had to walk through shirtless.

MC Kim Jaedong: I did host one show w/ Daesung and he always took off his shirt in hallway in front of Uee, not in changing room.

MC: You've been together for five years, but is there anything you'd like to change?

Taeyang: Recently, we gathered to eat dinner where TOP hyung made reservations, but then when we get there, he was not there! It's because.. he was out eating with Swimmer Park Taehwan! We got kind of upset that he skips out on us.

T.O.P: Taeyang was like, "Where are you hyung?" I answered him I was w/ Park Taehwan and we needed to cancel our gathering. Taeyang said, "so now we need to get some gold medals to have dinner with you?"

T.O.P: There's a chatting room for only BIGBANG members and the members always make appointments, not including me.

GD: But that's because you never log in to BIGBANG chat room!

Seungri: The rest of the members are very shy, but whenever we go out to eat I always ask for "extra service~" , but they're all embarrassed

Seungri: I've been caught up with playing with college friends... my male friends........*LOL*

Seungri: Jiyong Hyung as the most scandals with women.. 

GD: I am not healing and not healing at the same time!

MC: Who have you been in scandals with?

GD: Um.. regarding scandals, uh... 

MC: Is it because you need song inspirations?


GD: I cannot lie that I haven't seen anyone then, but I have just tried to make it a secret from people.

T.O.P: I want to ask who Daesung would choose to go to for advice and problem solving.. 

Dae: I have been a burden to Big Bang ever since the beginning.. music-wise and everything... I have been a big burden

Dae: I think I would have to say that I've talked to YB hyung the most, but now I think I can talk to everyone else.

GD: I really hope Taeyang could finally be in a relationship this year to improve his emotional singing more!

GD: (to Taeyang) You never dated someone, when do you think you can sing, really sincerely?

Taeyang: I have not really officially dated anyone, so no, I have not been in a relationship.

MC: What if the girl thought you 2 were dating?

GD/Dae: Yes, we really do feel that this program is helping us become stronger and closer. Thank you


GD: 2012 Big Bang is back, so please look out for us! We will not disappoint!


Next Part ? CLICK SINI

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Now ? D-2 SEUNGRI's Talk

Yes ! Part seungri yang Atin tunggu2 ni 
Akhirnya dh klua muke die hahah //kidding LOL


Bw harap VIP bersabar ye >_< tinggal bapa hari je ni >_<

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WOW and now?? is TOP say ^_< tak sabar nye lah huhu 
Ofcuz la tak sabar , klo VIP pun macam tu gak HAHA.. Bw ~


BIGBANG is finally coming close to us with their "ALIVE" music in February, 2012. The album consists of irresistible addiction, warm heart, and inextricable smoothing flow within its first intro track called "ALIVE" including Daesung's/D-Lite's solo track called "Wings."
In addition to their 5th mini album release, BIGBANG will be having a World Tour titled 'BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012' with leading the World's best tour/concert "Dream Team."
This album will be the most meaningful start for the World Tour heading not only to Asia, but also to North America, South America and even Europe.
Please check out the new inner-look of BIGBANG as they are much hardened inwardly through this album 『ALIVE』

2012년 2월, 빅뱅이 살아 숨쉬는 그들만의 음악으로 여러분들을 찾아 갑니다. 
거부할 수 없는 중독성과 함께 따뜻한 감성을 실은 이번 앨범은 인트로 'ALIVE'부터 대성의 솔로 곡 '날개'까지, 귀를 뗄 수 없는 유려한 흐름으로 이루어져 있습니다.
이와 함께 이번 미니앨범 5집 발표와 동시에 세계 최고의 공연 드림팀을 이끌고 월드투어 'BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012'를 시작하며, 한국과 아시아뿐만 아니라 북미, 남미, 유럽까지 전세계를 향해 살아 숨쉬는 그들만의 음악을 불어넣어 더욱 뜻 깊은 앨범이 될 것입니다. 
그 동안 음악을 통해 전해줬던 감동뿐만 아니라 더욱 단단해진 모습으로 돌아올 빅뱅을 이번 새 미니앨범 『ALIVE』를 통해 확인해보시기 바랍니다.

2012.02.22 BIGBANG 5th Mini Album Title Song 'BLUE' RELEASE!
2012.02.29 BIGBANG 5th Mini Album 'ALIVE' RELEASE!

Apa Yang Lelaki Suka Dan Tak suka

Sesuai untuk kaum hawa perlu tahu tentang perkara yang kaum adam suka dan tak suka >_<

Lelaki Suka ?

  Sikap kelakar
  Budi pekerti dan kesopanan
  Murah hati
  Senyuman manja
  Pandai memasak
  Penampilan/imej yang sesuai dengan citarasanya
  Tak mudah naik angin
  Seorang wanita yang sanggup meminjamkan keretanya pada lelaki bila kereta laki tersebut rosak
  Tak terlalu seksi dalam berpakaian
  “Tak apalah, tadi U dah belanja I makan, jadi sekarang biar I belanja tiket wayang”
  Wanita yang dapat menjalin hubungan rapat dengan ibu atau keluarganya
  Berwawasan atau bercita-cita tinggi
  Mempunyai keyakinan diri yang tinggi
  Tahu menjaga maruah diri. Bersemangat dan tak mudah mengalah dalam situasi yang tertekan.
 Sentiasa berada di sisinya saat duka dan gembira
  Tak berleter walau terpaksa menghantar lelaki ke lapangan terbang pada 2 pagi
  Sediakan secawan teh atau kopi tanpa disuruh oleh lelaki
  Wanita yang mengambil berat tentang lelaki
  Sikap keibuan
  Sukakan kanak-kanak
  Suara lembut tanpa dibuat-buat
  Pandai membawa diri. Tak kekok dibawa ke mana pun
  Boleh dibawa berbincang dan memberi pendapat
  Memberi sokongan moral dalam apa jua usaha yang dilakukan lelaki
  Tak memperkecilkan kelemahan lelaki sebaliknya menerima seadanya diri lelaki tersebut
  Tahu bersyukur
  Pandai berjimat-cermat
  Tak mengharapkan lelaki dalam semua hal

Lelaki Tak Suka ?

  Wanita yang suka mengumpat 
  Sombong dan bongkak 
  Menunjukkan sikap yang terlalu memiliki 
  Hisap rokok 
  Kau ni macam orang tiga suku!” Mengutuklah tu… 
  Wanita yang melayan lelaki seperti alas kaki 
  Wanita yang suka menunjuk-nunjuk untuk dapatkan perhatian 
  “Tak bolehkah U lakukan sesuatu yang betul!” 
  “Jangan cuba beritahu I apa yg patut I lakukan dan yang tak patut I lakukan..” 
  Wanita yang hipokrit 
  Pembohong dan suka mencari alasan 
  Terlalu ingin mengetahui hal peribadi si lelaki 
  Sukar buat keputusan terutamanya hal berkenaan hubungan mereka 
  Kurang sifat kasih sayang walaupun terhadap binatang 
  Pengotor dan pemalas 
  Tak bertanggungjawab langsung 
  Tak pandai mengemas 
  Terlalu bebas dan kuat bersosial hingga tiada batasan pergaulan 
  Kuat berleter walau hal remeh temeh 
  Boros berbelanja 
  Tak tahu memasak 
  Sikap manja yang terlalu menyakitkan hati 
  “Queen Control” atau suka mengarah-arah 
  Tak pandai bergaya atau selekeh 
  Suka bermekap tebal sehingga hilang keayuan asli 
  Suka mengungkit-ungkit hal-hal lalu 
  Panas baran 
  Kuat merajuk dan sukar dipujuk 
  Terlalu pendiam sehingga susah untuk berkomunikasi 
  Tak mahu mengakui kesilapan dan ego

credit by Nabiha