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Tutorial : Disable right click New style


こんにちは, 안녕하세요 , Assalamualaikum. Hari tu Atin ada selak-selak cbox. Terjumpa reQ dari adik Malihah . Dia kata macam mana nak buat disable right click yang ada background macam atin pakai . Yup yang ini maybe terbaru . Bila korang right click nanti keluar masage kan? . Ini sesuai untuk sesiapa yang pakai tuto disable right click je.


1. Dashboard > Template
2. Tekan Ctrl + F serentak dan cari code
<style type="text/css">
3. Copy code bawah ni

<div id="disable" class="click" onMouseover="highlightie5(event)" onMouseout="lowlightie5(event)" onClick="jumptoie5(event)" display:none>
<script language="JavaScript1.2">
       //set this variable to 1 if you wish the URLs of the highlighted menu to be displayed in the status bar
       var display_url=0
       var ie5=document.all&&document.getElementById
       var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all
       if (ie5||ns6)
       var menuobj=document.getElementById("disable")
       function showmenuie5(e){
       //Find out how close the mouse is to the corner of the window
       var rightedge=ie5? document.body.clientWidth-event.clientX : window.innerWidth-e.clientX
       var bottomedge=ie5? document.body.clientHeight-event.clientY : window.innerHeight-e.clientY
       //if the horizontal distance isn't enough to accomodate the width of the context menu
       if (rightedge<menuobj.offsetWidth)
       //move the horizontal position of the menu to the left by it's width document.body.scrollLeft+event.clientX-menuobj.offsetWidth : window.pageXOffset+e.clientX-menuobj.offsetWidth
       //position the horizontal position of the menu where the mouse was clicked document.body.scrollLeft+event.clientX : window.pageXOffset+e.clientX
       //same concept with the vertical position
       if (bottomedge<menuobj.offsetHeight) document.body.scrollTop+event.clientY-menuobj.offsetHeight : window.pageYOffset+e.clientY-menuobj.offsetHeight
       else document.body.scrollTop+event.clientY : window.pageYOffset+e.clientY
       return false
       function hidemenuie5(e){"hidden"
       function highlightie5(e){
       var firingobj=ie5? event.srcElement :
       if (firingobj.className=="menuitems"||ns6&&firingobj.parentNode.className=="menuitems"){
       if (ns6&&firingobj.parentNode.className=="menuitems") firingobj=firingobj.parentNode //up one node"highlight""E6E4E5"
       if (display_url==1)
       function lowlightie5(e){
       var firingobj=ie5? event.srcElement :
       if (firingobj.className=="menuitems"||ns6&&firingobj.parentNode.className=="menuitems"){
       if (ns6&&firingobj.parentNode.className=="menuitems") firingobj=firingobj.parentNode //up one node"""826A92"
       function jumptoie5(e){
       var firingobj=ie5? event.srcElement :
       if (firingobj.className=="menuitems"||ns6&&firingobj.parentNode.className=="menuitems"){
       if (ns6&&firingobj.parentNode.className=="menuitems") firingobj=firingobj.parentNode
       if (firingobj.getAttribute("target"))"url"),firingobj.getAttribute("target"))
       if (ie5||ns6){''

merah : your text masage

4. Paste di atas code <style type="text/css"> tadi

5. Next , Ctrl + F serentak dan cari code </style>
6. Copy code bawah ni

       border:1px dashed pink;
       background: url(URL BACKGROUND);
       color: #666;
oren : URL background

7. Paste di atas code </style> tadi

credit : rara

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